My Journey

My Introduction:

Hello, I am Sonali Dixit, always believed in unique piece of work which gives me satisfaction and I hope that sharing my work via QuiseJewels will help you to inspire being your own self … setting yourself aside from the rest of the world. I need your love and nourishment so I can flourish further in my journey and be part of your life style as well.

My Work:

My products are carefully handcrafted and designed for a precious soul like yours. I also offer customization on any of the design you may like. it could be color specification or color combination or even would like to modify the design in any other way,  I am just a message away.

Being a small business, I appreciate your orders and try to ship everything as soon as possible. Follow us on INSTAGRAM and also like us on FACEBOOK and PINTEREST for more updates on new products and offers. Start Your Wish, Your Want, and Your Desire right here, at QuiseJewels!

Shipping Details:

All my Jewelry are shipped within the U.S. should take 5-10 business days to arrive. Everything shipped outside of the U.S. should take 7 to 21 business days to arrive.( 2-5 day processing time included). I will guarantee a positive shopping experience here at QusieJewels. If there is any issue, I am more than happy to help you with full refunds and product exchanges. Please contact me within 5 days after the shipment arrival for a refund or a size exchange.

A Story of Marching towards my Dream:

 I was born and raised in Kathmandu, NEPAL, a land of arts and crafts. I have been fond of Arts & Crafts from my child hood. It is in my gene, and I am thankful to My Mom “Nirmala Aryal Dixit” and my Grandma “Dhana Aryal”. I have been surrounded by Knittings, Crochets, Beading works and so much more from my childhood, but was more interested in Painting and sketches in my early ages. I used to make jewelry for myself using pieces of Fabric and buttons or any broken pieces in my teen years for parties. 

After moving to the USA in 2000, my hobby was on halt for some time. My long lost talent kicked in again when I decided to present my hand made jewelry as gifts while returning back home to my family members. This initiative led me to further my knowledge around weaving seed-beads… I started learning the basics from YouTube videos and vlogs. 

I started my own page on Facebook in 2012, called “Sonali’s Art Corner” and started posting my Art works and jewelry again. Soon enough I started receiving all kinds of good complements from my friends and family. I was all excited but was not ready yet to start by own shop. I started gifting my Hand made jewelry to Friends and family. After some time, I got some questions around where can they buy it or where I was selling with then triggered a hobby turning into a business and here I am, presenting you “QuiseJewels”.


Sonali Dixit